COPE & Climbing Instructor Requests

Occoneechee Council has a wonderful group of trained, volunteer instructors ready to help you have the best time on your COPE and/or climbing adventure! Below you can take a look at the list of instructors we have and see what certifications they hold. All of our instructors are registered volunteers, knowledgeable about the Scouting program ,and are qualified to teach the climbing merit badge. A Director or Level II Instructor must be present at all COPE and climbing activities in the Council, and they are the only people qualified to open the COPE course or climbing tower at Camp Durant.

Click any of the links below to download a current list of instructors for your program.

Need an instructor or two for your group? You can request them below! Please note that our climbing staff is comprised of BSA volunteers who have varying availability throughout the year. Staffing requirements vary by group size and event type and are a factor in confirming your event. Please make your request as early as possible so that we can find the right instructors to fit your needs.

NOTE: You will still need to confirm facility reservations in addition to submitting the request form below.

Instructor Request Form

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