The Importance of Commissioners

Are you looking to play a critical role in the life of a unit? Become commissioner trained and you can! Commissioners are trained adults who are there to help units however they can. They help to:

  • Brainstorm ideas with unit adults to solve unit problems
  • Listen to unit leaders’ needs, ideas and successes
  • Suggest resources to improve the unit’s program
  • Improve the relationship between unit adults and chartered organization leaders
  • Recruit additional adults
  • Facilitate the on-time unit charter renewal by assisting with the membership inventory of youth and adults, conducting the charter renewal meeting and presenting the new charter to the chartered organization
  • Offer encouragement and recognize success
  • Work to ensure an effective unit committee
  • Be a “Scouting paramedic” when a unit has a “critical illness”
  • Guide the unit in understanding Scouting standards and practices.

To get started with your commissioner training, please visit Commissioner Basic Training.

Internet Rechartering

The BSA unit chartering renewal process has been updated, and units will go through the process entirely online from now on. Internet rechartering allows you to renew your unit’s charter and perform the following actions:

  • Select members from your existing charter roster
  • Promote members from another unit
  • Add new members
  • Update member information
  • Print a summary of costs associated with the new charter

Please visit Internet Rechartering 2.0 for more information.