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Scoutreach is the provision of resources to units operating with low income hard-to-serve urban and rural communities.  These resources include stipend leadership, registration fee assistance, uniform and handbooks, program equipment and summer camp camperships.  The vision of Scoutreach is to recruit strong adult leaders and develop solid relationships with chartered organizations in urban and rural communities to ensure our underserved youth have the opportunity to join and experience the Scouting program. 


Scoutreach strives to build self-esteem and confidence in, and teach leadership skills to underserved youth in the Occoneechee Council’s service area. The Occoneechee Council is committed to ensuring all young people have an opportunity to join Scouting, regardless of their circumstances, neighborhood, or ethnic background. Scoutreach provides adult leadership and financial resources to Scoutreach units.

For more information on participating in Scoutreach, contact us at [email protected].

Recognizing Outstanding Service

Scoutreach is strengthened by highly-trained volunteers and powerful community partnerships with churches, civic organizations, other non-profits, and educational leadership who understand the benefit of Scouting for youth and their organizations.

Each year, individuals and organizations who offer outstanding service in the development of Scouting for underserved youth in urban and rural communities in the Occoneechee Council service area are awarded the Whitney M. Young, Jr. Service Award. Sometimes this award helps councils recognize “unsung heroes”—people who might not otherwise receive recognition for exceptional service to underserved youth.

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