COPE & Climbing Facility Reservations

Groups may reserve the COPE course and/or climbing tower and bouldering wall for their individual use any available weekend during the year. Use of the facilities is subject to BSA guidelines in the Guide to Safe Scouting and other activity-specific rules and regulations. We also follow all National Camp Accreditation Program (NCAP) standards.

COPE Requirements

  • A COPE Level 2 Instructor or Director AND a Level 1 Instructor must be present while the program is in operation.
  • Additional Level 1 Instructors must be present to accommodate a ratio of 1:12 (one instructor for every 12 participants) for ground-based activities and 1:6 (one instructor for every six participants) for height-based activities.

Climbing Requirements

  • A minimum of 2 BSA Climbing Instructors must be present for an individual unit to operate. District and Council events require two BSA Climbing Instructors AND a BSA Climbing Director be present.
  • The general guidelines for tower use are a limit of no more than 18 participants at any given time and a ratio of 1:6 (one climbing instructor for every six participants).
  • Typically, two to three hours for a session of climbing is an ample amount of time to challenge a group of participants. Groups larger than 18 should consider splitting a day into two sessions.


  • All participants must complete a Hold Harmless Agreement and bring it with them on the day of the event. Units are responsible for coordinating staff prior to making a reservation. For instructor requests, please click here.

BSA Member Facility Use Fees


The overall cost of COPE varies based on the desired program, but the base cost is as follows:

  • COPE Course Use Fee (Full Day): $75 + $5/Head


The following fees are in place to support the cost of maintaining the climbing tower and boulder wall, as well as to help with the cost of certifying instructors:

  • Boulder Wall Use Fee (Full Day): $30
  • Tower Use Fee (Full Day): $75 + $7/Head

Fee Guidelines

Units wishing to share the cost of a day’s activity with another unit may do so. The units are responsible for coordinating the fees. All fees are due at the Council office one week prior to the scheduled event.

Please contact Occoneechee Council COPE & Climbing Director Allen Hastings for more information on fees.

To reserve Camp Durant facilities, please see our Camp Reservations page for a link to our reservation system.

Non-BSA Member Facility Use Fees

Non-BSA groups may request use of the facilities, and the following requirements apply:

  • The group must have proof of a $2 million liability insurance policy covering the activity.
  • The facility use fee is $400.00 per day for up to 18 participants. All staff will be provided by the Council.

NOTE: A $100 deposit is due at the time of the reservation, and the balance is due three weeks prior to the scheduled event.

To make a request, please contact Occoneechee Council COPE & Climbing Director Allen Hastings.

Natural Rock Climbing Gear Rental Fees

The Council can provide a full set of climbing gear (helmets, harnesses, ropes and climbing shoes) for 15 climbers. Council-owned climbing equipment may be reserved for use by Occoneechee Council units with adult leaders that have obtained the proper certification and training to lead unit climbing activities.

A Level 2 Instructor is required to supervise any event when Council equipment is in use. Equipment is rented out on a daily-use basis and must be returned immediately after the scheduled day. Trips of longer duration will need to be discussed with the appropriate staff.

All equipment will be inventoried and inspected prior to issue and upon return for any damage. Units will be expected to reimburse the council for any lost or damaged equipment beyond what is considered normal wear and tear. Use of natural rock climbing equipment by groups other than Occoneechee Council units is not permitted.

  • The equipment use fee is $100 per day. The fee for any instructors needed is negotiable. 

Occoneechee Council COPE & Climbing Director Allen Hastings can help you with your gear rental needs.

Staff-Hosted Events

Occoneechee Council’s COPE & Climbing Committee provides a rotating monthly program for “open” use. On these designated weekends, the COPE course and climbing tower will be manned by trained staff for units to use. In addition, climbing staff will host natural rock climbing events on select weekends at locations around the state. To participate in these “open” dates, please check the Occoneechee Council Calendar for available program dates and to make reservations for those events.

The COPE program is an all-day event consisting of the Low Course in the morning and the High Course in the afternoon. You must do the Low Course in order to do the High Course.

The climbing tower and rock climbing expeditions provide a full day of learning opportunities and includes required elements for the Scouts BSA Climbing Merit Badge and the Venturing Mountaineering Ranger Award. No walk-ups will be allowed. In the event that the program is over-booked, we reserve the right to place participants into either a morning session from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. or an afternoon session from 1 p.m.-4 p.m. Payment is due at the time of registration, and there are no refunds.

The normal rules and requirements for the programs are in place for these events, so please review them and complete the necessary paperwork before attending.