Rank & Merit Badges

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Cub Scout Advancement

Cub Scouts make their way through the Scouting program by earning rank badges that are specific to their grades in school. As they complete their grade in school, they also complete certain program activities in order to qualify for advancement to the next rank. Click below to learn more about the Cub Scout Advancement Trail and requirements for each rank badge.

Scouts BSA Advancement

Scouts in the Scouts BSA program advance from rank to rank by earning merit badges. Scouts at this level get to choose the path they want to take to achieve their advancement goals by choosing which merit badges they want to complete. Please review the recommended merit badge process below, and follow the link to learn more about merit badge availability and requirements.

Recommended Merit Badge Process

  • The Scout develops an interest in a merit badge and may begin working on the requirements.
  • The Scout discusses interest in the merit badge with their unit leader.
  • The unit leader signs a blue card and provides the Scout with at least one counselor contact.
  • The Scout contacts the counselor.
  • The counselor considers any work toward requirements completed prior to the initial discussion with the unit leader.
  • The Scout, their buddy and the counselor meet (often several times).
  • The Scout finishes the requirements.
  • The counselor approves completion.
  • The Scout returns the signed blue card to their unit leader who signs the applicant record section of the blue card.
  • The unit leader gives the Scout the applicant record.
  • The unit reports the merit badge to the Council.
  • The Scout receives his merit badge.

Merit Badge Counselors


Merit Badge Counselor renewals are open for 2023-2024.  NEW procedure for sign up.  Use the survey below for renewals and new applications. The paper merit badge selection form is no longer accepted.