Programs at Camp Durant

Camp Durant isn’t just for Scouts BSA and Cub Scout summer camp – although it IS the place to be for summer camp! Occoneechee Council hosts events and trainings at Camp Durant during the year, and we allow units to reserve campsites on their own for unit-specific camping. This means that units or even unrelated individuals or groups can reserve facilities at camp ranging from just the tents or cabins to the main dining hall. And Scouts and their families can enjoy the different program areas we have to offer throughout the year as long as they coordinate with staff to have the right people on site to help them.

Please contact Kenna McIntire for more information about reserving Camp Durant facilities and programs, and take a look at our Forms & Documents page for information about fees.

ATV Program

Camp Durant now offers an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) training program for Scouts. The training is a two-hour class that lasts all week and teaches Scouts the proper way to ride ATVs. During the week, Scouts will learn how to safely control and maintain an ATV while completing the ATV Safety Rider Course. The course will be divided into two age groups.

Scouts must be the appropriate age by the time they arrive at camp, without exception.

Group 1: 14-15 years old – Class Size: six/session (two sessions, morning and afternoon)

Group 2: 16 years old & up – Class Size: six/session (two sessions, morning and afternoon)

Additional requirements are a participation and hold-harmless agreement, long-sleeve shirt, long pants and over-the-ankle boots.

COPE & Climbing Program

Occoneechee Council’s COPE and Climbing Program offers a complete package of opportunities for all ages. Our facilities are open year-round for Scouting and non-Scouting groups as requested.

For more information, please visit our COPE and Climbing page.

Shooting Sports Program

Occoneechee Council’s Shooting Sports Program consists of archery, rifle and shotgun activities. We have ranges and instructors ready to help your BSA group have a great time shooting.

Learn more by visiting our Shooting Sports page.

Aquatics Program & More

Camp Durant also offers a great Aquatics Program, with activities taking place at our beautiful waterfront facility and dock on Nello Teer Lake. We also have mountain biking, STEM and handicraft programs, an ecology building, complete with fun animal friends, a working forge and so much more!

Even More at Camp Durant

Wood Badge

Wood Badge is the premier, hands-on leadership skills training offered to adult BSA volunteers. Started by Sir Robert S. Baden-Powell, Wood Badge’s primary purpose is to strengthen Scouting in our units, districts and local Council.

Visit the Occoneechee Wood Badge page for more information.

Order of the Arrow

For more details, please visit the Order of the Arrow website. Additionally, you can contact the Council office at 919.872.4884.

Some items you will find on their calendar are the Spring Pow-Wow, Spring Inductions, Fall Fellowship and Winter Banquet.