Family Adventure Camp

Discover the Adventure of Camping for Everyone!

Are you looking for your next family vacation? Do you want affordable fun? Have you always wanted to go camping but worried about equipment costs or being in over your head? Well, Occoneechee Council’s Family Adventure Camp at Camp Durant, has everything you and your family need to make long-lasting outdoor memories together without any worry! Whether you’re swimming, hiking, kayaking, sailing or simply sitting by the campfire, you WILL have a great time!

Camp Durant is always open to BSA registered individuals, but Family Adventure Camp is for EVERYONE! Any family with youth who would consider joining Scouting are welcome. Your family can come for just a few days or the whole week. You pick the experience and fun that your family wants! Our all-inclusive program includes all of the activities camp has to offer, as well as tents and cots already set up for your use, so there is no need to purchase expensive camping gear. Delicious, balanced meals are provided, and dietary restrictions can be accommodated with advance notice. Family Adventure Camp offers flexible schedules that give your family the chance to build your own adventure, choosing from activities at camp, things to do around the area or just simply relaxing together in the outdoors. Every program area is open, and our well-trained staff is ready to accommodate you at every turn. And this experience is truly for all ages. Parents, grandparents and children of all ages will be able to enjoy the magic and adventure together. Families can also use Camp Durant as a home base as we are minutes from the village of Pinehurst, world famous Seagrove Pottery, dining, shopping and, of course, world-class golf.

Please understand that we cannot accommodate adult-only groups. Also, please note that, even though we would love to meet them, pets are not allowed at Camp Durant.

Amenities & Activities

Camp Durant has 15 campsites with 30 shelters, all of which have electricity. Each campsite has a bath house with flush toilets and hot showers, and all have individual lockable stalls. Our Trading Post and Grill give you a chance to get a souvenir and a Slush Puppy. Wi-Fi is available in and around most buildings. We have an EMT on site 24 hours a day. All of your meals are included inside our 10,000-sq.-ft., fully air-conditioned Grand Lodge. We recommend bringing your own cooler for refrigeration needs, but the Camp Durant Ice Company has “quality ice at a quality price!” We also have washers and dryers available for use, but you must provide your own detergent.

Camp Durant has a private, 75-acre lake. Our recently remodeled swimming dock has areas for non-swimmers, beginners and skilled swimmers. Lifeguards are on duty when the waterfront is open. Fishing, canoeing, kayaking, small boat sailing, paddle boarding, swimming and wading are all available. Life jackets must always be worn when boating, and children must always be supervised.

Where can I find the Terms of Service and Camp Rules?

We strive to provide a wholesome camping experience for our families. As such, our camp rules have been developed with Youth Protection as our guiding principle. Please carefully review the Terms of Service and Camp Rules as well as our Hold Harmelss Agreement for Family Adventure Camp. Being aware of the rules will help us avoid any issues upon check-in and during your stay. Noncompliance can result in being asked to leave the camp without a refund.

Want to Learn More?

For more information about this exciting camping opportunity, please contact Occoneechee Council’s Camp Director, Henry Goodson, or Program Director, Kenna McIntire. We are happy to help!