Request Staff for Your Event

We make every effort possible to provide qualified range staff to assist with your BSA event. Please note that our shooting sports staff is comprised of BSA volunteers who have varying availability throughout the year. Staffing requirements vary by group size and event type and are a factor in confirming your event. Please make your request as early as possible so that we can find the right staff to fit your needs.

Submitting the request form via the link below will solicit responses directly back to you from staff members who are willing to volunteer and hold at least one of the certifications needed for your indicated activities.

NOTE: You will still need to confirm facility reservations in addition to submitting the request form. To reserve Camp Durant facilities, please see our Camp Reservations page for a link to our reservation system.

Instructor Registration

Are you certified to be a BSA shooting instructor and want to help out with shooting sports events? If so, this is the place for you! Please follow the link below to register for our database of instructors. By registering, you are helping us keep an up-to-date list of volunteers that are qualified to help run shooting sports events.