Reservations for Council facilities may be made online for the coming 12 month period at any time.  At certain times of the year, facilities may not be available due to facility “blackouts”.  See the FAQs below for more information.

By making a reservation, I agree to abide by the Council Facility Use and Cancellation Policies.

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Questions and answers:

  1. Will I need a login account on the Tentaroo system to make a reservation?  Yes.
  2. Who can make a reservation?  Every unit has a unit account with permissions to make a reservation.   See your unit leader for assistance. Some individuals that teach council level training courses also have individual accounts and the ability to make reservations.  If you have this need, please email:   [email protected] and let us know.
  3. Have the prices for anything changed?  No.  There are no pricing changes for any facility at camp.  However, pricing may appear differently based on the user account making the reservation.  Accounts are defined as “In Council, Out of Council, and Non-BSA” account types.  If you see something strange, please email:   [email protected] and let us know.
  4. How can I tell what dates are available?  After logging into your account, use the Check Dates feature to scroll through the calendar.  Once you find the weekend you are interested in, use the color keys to determine availability.
  5. Do I have to make payment at the time of the reservation?  Yes.  With Tentaroo, all reservations are to be paid at checkout in order to complete your reservation.
  6. I’m holding a District or Council event, how do I reserve camp for that?  Work with your District professional to create a list of facilities that are needed and submit an email to:  [email protected] for assistance.
  7. Why is the Council making this change? Our legacy system lacks much of the functionality that our members have requested, requires a lot of management to review and approve reservations and had the unfortunate ability to allow double booking of spaces at times.  Tentaroo streamlines the approval process and ensures that every unit receives the space they have reserved.
  8. Some facilities at Camp Durant (like shooting and climbing) require special training.  Will the system let me reserve those if I don’t have those certifications? Yes.  Units will arrange the necessary program area supervision outside the reservation system and will be required to show certifications (NRA, Climbing) prior to obtaining the keys.   The reservation system is not intended to be the checkpoint for having proper training to use facilities… That is the responsibility of the unit leadership.
  9. Why do some reports say the day or facility is “Blacked-Out”? Blackouts are convenient ways to remove facilities from the reservation system for major events that happen during the year.  These include Summer Camp, Council and District Camporees, OA Events, and camp closings.
For help with the Tentaroo Facility Reservation system: Tentaroo Help
For help from the Occoneechee IT Support Team: Support Team
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