Pack 318 Visits the Elderly

As part of our “giving back” and community service centric year, Den 1 and Den 5 and our leaders visited a retirement/assisted living community in northern Wake Forest.
For the first 45 mins of our visit we meet the residents of the main house.  These are the most needy residents of the community and need continuous care.  They were delighted to see the kids in uniform and it brought a smile to everyone’s face.  We talked to several of the residents and even met an Eagle Scout!
We left the main home and went door to dropping off candy bags we had packed to most all the residents, door to door.  Just introducing ourselves as “we are scouts from Pack 318, here’s some candy we packed for you, hope you have a great rest of the day !”  Everyone we met was do delighted to see the scouts and we really believe we brightened their day.  It felt really good to “give” and not “request”.  Everyone benefited.
Once we ran out of candy, we started the second phase of our visit.  The scouts installed a birdbath, bird feeder and planted flowers off the rear porch of the main home.We wanted to give the residents an area to enjoy while they were outside catching some fresh air.  The scouts followed directions very well and excelled on the task.  The managers of the community where thrilled and so happy they were chosen for our service project.