Mawat Shakori Awahili Spring Camporee

Campbellot Patch
April 26, 2019 – April 28, 2019 all-day
Camp Campbell
498 Mill Creek Rd
Clarksville, VA 23927
$15 on time, $17 late
Tom Beach
Mawat Shakori Awahili Spring Camporee @ Camp Campbell | Clarksville | Virginia | United States

Campbellot, Knights of the Round Table

Camp Campbell, Virigina

Note: To get $15 discounted registration fee, you must register by April 17

Download the 2019 Spring Camporee Guide for Mawat, Shakori, and Awahili Districts

Highlights include:

  • Trojan Bunny: Construct a rabbit that can be lifted from the inside and carried across the activity field in a “Rabbit Race” The rabbit needs to hold at least two Scouts inside it and have a clear field of vision out of the front. The most unique rabbit may receive special recognition.
  • Knights Who Say “Ni!” Land Navigation Course: Can you find what the knights desire?
  • How Axe-iting: Hatchet throwing contest
  • Castle Aargh Battering Ram: Patrols will try and break down the door of the castle while being pelted with various objects, could be color powder bombs or cows. Just depends on how many cows volunteer to be thrown by the defenders.
  • Merely a Flesh Wound: Sword fight with Mashoonga type swords on a “rolling deck”
  • Three Headed Giant: Scouts will have a 3 headed race by donning a shirt that holds 3 people.
  • Bring out yer dead!: Litter carry. Make a litter and transport your victims who are “not dead yet”,
  • Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog: Run a gauntlet of swinging rabbits and try not to get hit.
  • Bridge of Death: A rope bridge over the lake with 3 questions at least one of which is Scout related, get one wrong and risk being knocked off into the lake! (weather permitting)
  • Lake jousting: Can you remain standing above the water or will you get knocked into the lake?
  • Peasant’s Test: Aquatic tug-of-war
  • Excalibur: Are you the one who can retrieve Excalibur from the stone? Try your best!

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