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Family Scouting

Family Scouting

Learn more About Family Scouting The Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts/Scouts BSA programs are not co-ed. We knew that what we provided for young men was vital to America’s future, but we also felt that young women needed those same opportunities so we created a model that builds on the proven benefits of our single-gender

Friends of Scouting

Every week Scouts throughout North Carolina recite an oath pledging themselves to a duty to God, country and self. Scouting provides young people with a safe, structured and nurturing environment. It also helps them learn and discover while instilling strong values and a deeper appreciation of family and community. It costs $300 per Scout for

SCOUTStrong and PALA Challenge

What is SCOUTStrong? The SCOUTStrong Healthy Living Initiative integrates active lifestyles, healthy eating, and emotional fitness into everything that the Boy Scouts of America do daily. What is PALA? PALA stands for the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award and designed to motivate youth and adults to be physically active on a regular basis. Why the Challenge? Promote good

Find A Unit

Find A Unit Are you new to Scouting, bridging from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts, returning to the program or just need a new unit? This National BSA software will allow you to search for a new unit using your zip code  or simply call the Council office at 919-872-4884 and be directed to a

How You Can Help

How You Can Help Whether you are volunteering directly with Scouts or helping out behind the scenes, you can make an impact on the lives of Scouts by volunteering your time. Be a leader Be a merit badge counselor Sponsor a unit Call the office at 919.872.4884 to discuss other options that will allow you