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How Do Commissioners Help?

How Do Commissioners Help?

How Do Commissioners Help? Some of the ways commissioners may help a unit include:   Brainstorm ideas with unit adults to solve unit problems. Listen to unit leaders-their needs, ideas, and successes. Suggest resources to improve the unit’s program. Help improve the relationship between unit adults and chartered organization leaders. Help recruit additional adults Facilitate

District Commissioners

District Commissioners Here is a list of our District Commissioners. Your District Commissioner can provide contact information for Unit Commissioners.   District Name Cape Fear Mary Rocque Crosswinds Kevin Sloop Impeesa Shay Blakemore Great Northern Sue Herring Hemlock David Boggs Kia Kima Roger Rose Mawat Todd Taft Moore DeWayne Seals Neuse River Dan Gorski Orange

Council Employment

Employment Opportunites For questions regarding openings for professional and support staff, please contact:   [email protected] or call the Council Service Center at:  919-872-4884