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Council Office Information

Council Office Information

Council Office Information The Occoneechee Council consist of 10 districts; each district is represented by a professional staff member.  The Raleigh Service Center and all Staff can be reached at the phone numbers listed below. Upon reaching the Service Center, one of our office staff will direct your call to the appropriate person for your needs. Phone: 919-872-4884

Council Staff and Professionals

The staff directory below is sorted alphabetically for your convenience. All office staff can be reached by dialing (919) 872-4884 and then dialing their three (3) digit extension. Field employees may be dialed directly on their cell phones. Council Office Information The Occoneechee Council consist of 10 districts; each district is represented by a professional staff

Finance And Fundraising

Finance and fundraising functions for the Council provide continued growth and constant improvement for ongoing operations at the Council and the Scouting program. The program empowers youth, family and community through the skills and lessons learned, teaches community-minded involvement and working together as a team. Your financial support allows the youth and families to continue

Key 3

The Council Key 3 consists of the Council President, Council Commissioner, and Scout Executive. They meet informally as necessary to ensure proper coordination of the work of the council. They also furnish liaisons between the commissioner staff and the various committees of the council. Additionally, they may also provide proposals and recommendations to, but in

Council FAQs

FAQs: Name of Council:  Occoneechee Location of Council: 3231 Atlantic Ave, Raleigh, NC  27604 Phone Number of Council: 919.872.4884 Hours of Operation of Council:  8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday Name of Scout Executive:  John Akerman Name of District:  There are multiple districts, ask you unit leader the name of your district. Location

Reserve A Room

Reservations for the use of Council properties are made using the online reservation system.   Each request is considered and some requests may have a fee associated with them to cover the operational cost of that location.   After selecting a location and time, complete the requested information to create a temporary hold on the

Council Employment

Employment Opportunites For questions regarding openings for professional staff contact:   John Phares (Director of Field Service) at extension 242. For questions regarding support staff openings contact:  Debbie Cochran  at extension 234. Both can be reached at the Council Office at 919-872-4884.