All Occoneechee Districts

The Occoneechee Council has TEN districts located in the following counties: Chatham, Cumberland, Durham, Franklin, Granville, Harnett, Lee, Moore, Orange, Vance, Wake and Warren. Each district has a designated professional staff member to assist with Scouting operations in their defined district. By contacting the Council office you will be directed to a professional staff member that can assist you with many things: from finding a unit to join, to starting a new unit, policy and procedure questions and even with questions that you may think silly/odd/unique. They are here to help.

Interested in Scouting?  Please visit:

District Professionals

Robin Covert
Family Scouting Executive
Durham, Orange, Chatham, Vance, Warren, Franklin, Granville
(910) 986‐3929
Tyler Perkinson
Family Scouting Executive
(919) 872-4884 x-228
(919) 930-5265
Erin Zeek
Family Scouting Executive
Moore, Cumberland, Lee, Harnett
(919) 872-4884 x-223
(910) 495-5899