2018 Winter Camp Schedule

Due to the chance of freezing weather, the following campsites will be closed from NOVEMBER 19, 2018 through MARCH 14, 2019:
Persimmon, Dogwood, Magnolia,Sassafras, Holly, Ash and Maple on the West side of camp and Poplar on the East side of camp.
During this season, all other campsites will have only the middle toilet open in the bathhouses.  This will minimize the chance of pipes freezing while allowing minimal use of facilities.
Climbing Tower area bathhouse will have the two middle toilets, on the main road side, available for use. The showers will be shut down as well as the sinks. There will be one faucet
on the end of the bathhouse that will still be turned on. You may want to bring a hose with you and please remember to take it home. This allows us to not leave a hose attached to the faucet
that has the potential to freeze and burst. Open bathhouses are Loblolly and Red Cedar on the West side of camp and Red Oak, Sweetgum, Hickory, Longleaf and Beech on the East side.
If you must shower, there will be two showers with heat open in the staff land bathhouse. We will close the two outside toilets in staff land, which will leave 3 toilets open.
In Camp Durant, we have shut the power off in these program areas for the season:
Annex, Waterfront Tower, Dance Arbor, Nature, Bike/Sports Center, Handicraft, Aquatics Center, Archery Range, Scoutcraft Shelter and Campfire Arena.
In Camp Reeves, power is off at the NW corner of Field 2, the SW corner of Field 2, the NE corner of Field 2, the Reeves Arena and ATV area in Field 1.
If you wish to utilize Camp Reeves, there will be limited water available. When you check in at the Ranger’s Office, we can advise you on where water will still be available.
Even with all this, we still look forward to seeing you this winter and please contact us at the OSR Office, 910-948-3258, should you have any questions.